My 5 Favorite Non-Essentials! (1/5) Wifi & Cell Service




       I get it, having good cell reception and connecting to wifi seem like first world problems. Well, frankly, that's because they are lol. However, problems are relative and this is the reality a lot of us live in. So why not talk about it?? 

Let's Be Real...

If for some reason it has slipped your mind as to how this could be somewhat useful/important... hurr ya go!

  1. Emergency Situations: Check weather, get in touch with family, call the police or hospital, GPS etc.
  2. Working online
  3. Keeping in tough with friends/family 
  4. Paying bills/Adulting
  5. Entertainment

SOOOOO... Compared To Other Networks

There it is, my first thing on the Non-Essential Essentials list is good wifi/cell service and I feel like Verizon is the best. BACKGROUND INFO: YES! This video was sponsored by Verizon, but do I REALLY think they are the best network? Yes! I started out with T-mobile and never had any signal so I ended up switching to Verizon. I have been with them for over 5 years now and I have not had a single issue with their network. 


When it comes to AT&T and Sprint... I have no personal experience with those networks other than that any time a friend has been traveling with me (usually they have AT&T) and I always have service when they don't. JUST SAYINNNNN lol those are the facts. I know that Verizon may be the more expensive option of the 4, but in my experience when it comes to cell phones... you get what you pay for 😉 

Take care ya'll!