Top 10 Van Life Questions

Living in a van or a car is a foreign concept to many people.¬†Naturally, when someone stumbles across the lifestyle they have TONS of questions! Here are all of the posts I have that have attempted to answer the top 10 most asked questions about vehicle dwelling! Enjoy ūüôā and feel free to comment/email with any input so we can help our fellow van dwellers and future van dwellers out!

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  1.  How to make money on the road
  2. Cost of living (Gas, monthly expenses etc.)
  3. Shower/Bathroom/Hygiene
  4.  Food (No fridge, no propane stove, what food is best to store in a car etc.)
  5.  Sleep (Where to park/when to park)
  6.  How to stay warm/keep cool
  7.  How to stay healthy/Deal with sickness
  8.  Mail and WiFi
  9.  Privacy & Safety (Tinted windows, parking, SOLO TRAVEL etc.)
  10. Family, Society, and Yourself