World’s LARGEST Totem Pole! 3 Miles from ROUTE 66 – Things To Do In Oklahoma


AKA Ed Galloways Totem Pole Park...

A FREE Oklahoma attraction. This 90ft tall concrete Totem Pole is only 3.5 miles from route 66 and not something you wanna miss!

OH... and you can even go INSIDE the totem pole!! WHAT WHAAAAATTTTT!!!!


totem pole


info Address:
           21300 E Highway 28A, Chelsea, OK 74016
info  Price :
             !!!! FREE !!!!
info   Hours:
             Mon - Sat : 11AM - 3PM
                       Sun : 1230PM - 4PM
info   Only 3.5 miles East of Route 66
info   Dog walking area and Covered Seating for BBQ's/parties!
info   Handicap accessible 


totem pole



  • If you're touring Route 66... it's so close WHY NOT?! (only 3.5 miles off the path)
  • It's an Oklahoma Classic!
  • When else are you going to see a 90ft GIANT totem pole?!
  • Kid-friendly, pet-friendly, handicap-friendly. 
  • It's a great spot to take a road trip break, have lunch, and just admire the park!


  • Handicap accessible!! There are no hills or stairs to climb at this attraction so it is easy to maneuver. There is a gravel pathway from the parking lot, which may prove a tad difficult to push a wheelchair but still doable and worth it. The distance from the totem pole from the parking lot is not far at all, just a few feet.
  • PET FRIENDLY!! They even have a designated dog walking area that is very spacious.
  • Oklahoma can reach 100+ degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and averages 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter so go prepared!  


totem pole
(Inside the totem pole!)


  • The totem pole is almost literally in the parking lot. So taking any amount of gear would be easy. You can always keep stuff in the car and walk back... it's that close lol. 
  • I got the best photos/videos when it was overcast outside and around 1pm. I can't remember which direction the front of the totem pole faces so I'm not sure whether sunrise or sunset is best. 


totem pole

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