Living In A Car: The TRUTH About Van Life – Hobo Ahle


The TRUTH About Van Life

"What is it really like?"....

       A very common question from people who aspire to live a vehicle dwelling lifestyle, and even from those who don't. There are tons of eye catching van conversions and travel photos on social media that have people captivated, inspired, and eager for a new adventure. Although these paint a very enticing picture, people can't help but ask.. "but what is it REALLY like?".  In truth, I think it depends on who you ask. However, I can tell you this... Behind every van build, behind every seemingly ideal photo, & behind every adventurer or van lifer is just life. It's good, it's bad, it's hard, it's defeating, it's beautiful. Living in a vehicle is just like anything else. The beginning can be tough, but it gets easier with time and practice. It's important to remember that nothing is perfect and every lifestyle will come with it's own set of problems, it's just a matter of choosing the problems you'd prefer to deal with lol


All these points were mentioned in the video, but for further emphasis here they are outlined.

  1. "Van Life" is centralized around choosing particular things to become priority in your life and then making sacrifices in order for that to be accomplished. A few common "things" that vehicle dwellers choose to make priority are MINIMALISM, MONEY, TIME, FREEDOM, & TRAVEL. 
  2. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. - I chose this as #1 for a few reasons...

    A. The transition into a vehicle dwelling lifestyle from a different one can be tough. Learning new habits and how to fulfill daily needs can be an obstacle, but so can the emotional/mental aspect. It is a huge change and not abnormal to feel very overwhelming.

    B. Many who are curious about vehicle dwelling (whether it be plain curiosity or with the intent of trying it one day) often have questions about modern-day comforts. I think it's important to be made as clear as possible that vehicle dwelling and living in a house are TWO DIFFERENT things. Therefore, one cannot expect one to be the same as the other. There are sacrifices that will need to be made and more often than not, these come in the form of "luxuries" that so many inquiring minds have questions about. This is the reality, and it is possible to have some comforts and to adjust to different ways of doing things. However, point blank, it is unlikely that you can have/do everything you have/do in your house life and flawlessly insert that into van life.

    C. All these being said, it does not remain a struggle for the entirety your vehicle dwelling duration. As with anything, IT GETS EASIER. Eventually, living in a car/van won't feel like a struggle it will just feel like life. And just like house life... it will never be perfect, but perhaps just perfect enough for you <3
    Negative: Although I find this lifestyle to be amazing, it has it's own set of problems. Broken down rigs or theft are very real and annoying situations to overcome, but you CAN overcome them. At the end of the day you have to remember that you are putting yourself out there, you are taking risks, and you do not know everything. I've found myself in situations that are so bad they are almost comical, but we are all capable of problem solving and finding solutions to anything that stands in our way. 

    Positive: Inspiring people, adventurous endeavors, breath-taking locations... enough said. You'll be in awe of the reality that is your life lol.
  4. DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO - You have to be willing to get your hands dirty, to slum it sometimes, and to improvise. "Van Life" isn't glamorous, but it is fun 🙂